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You can do what you do best -use your expertise to assist your sellers, and leave the rest to us. Oh and you keep 100% of your commissions!







1. Your Brand, Your Business
Everything from your website, to your For Sale (Sold) signs, business cards etc is your own. We can help you set these up with our in house graphic design team at no cost, but they are YOURS.

2. Your Listings, Your Sales
Your listing: When you have a property to list for your clients, you build it out in the Airlisting platform. Or email us the details and we can do this for you.

Marketing: Use our suggested one-click marketing providers (for photography, custom signage, staging etc) or suggest your preferred suppliers for your clients. If you opt to use our suggested providers, we can take care of the invoicing for you too.

On the market:When your listing is ready to go-live, hit “Publish”, and it is sent to Realestate.com.au and Domain.com.au at no charge. All changes you make to your listing in the Airlisting platform are reflected on the external sites.


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3. As involved or not as you like

Enquiry management: By default, Airlisting manages all of your listings’ enquiries. We do this around the clock with an average response time of 10 minutes. If you’d like, all enquiries can go through to you for response though.

Inspections: We let you know every time an inspection request comes through. You choose if you will run the inspection yourself or if you would like an Airlisting Guide to run the inspection on your behalf. Our Guides network extends throughout QLD, NSW and VIC with all Guides following best practice processes designed to encourage offers, feedback and second inspections. Airlisting Guides can run open homes, private inspections, plus all other inspections such as building and pest, valuations, presettlement inspections and handovers.




4. Getting results faster

Buyer follow-up: Airlisting calls and emails all inspection attendees seeking feedback, inviting offers and suggesting further inspections. All feedback collected, plus listing performance metrics, are sent to you in a weekly report.

Offers: Offers come in online. You are notified by text and email as they come in. When an offer comes in on a property, all who have attended an inspection of the property are sent an email and text letting them know an offer was received and if they are interested they must act quickly. This often leads to multiple offers. Offers can be negotiated by you in person or very simply online. Our support team work with you through all offers to ensure all parties’ expectations are managed. Airlisting’s platform makes sales negotiations and multiple offer situations very easy and extremely high integrity.

Contracts: As an agent, you can draw up the contracts yourself, or you can instruct the Seller’s lawyer to draw up the contracts.




5. Keep the money you earn from your sale

Buyer follow-up: Airlisting has no commission-based fees. You secured the client, you sold the property, you keep 100% of your commissions. That’s what’s fair.


“With Airlisting behind you, all the costs and frustrations of running your own agency are removed. “


Powered by Airlisting is a subscription based business solution for smart agents who want a sustainable business for success today and into the future. Below is our pricing model.

 All agents receive 2 months free and their first listing free.     
 Number of live listings  0  1-5  6-10  11-15  16+
 Cost/month  $0  $500  $900  $1,300  POA
 Cost/listing $150/listing
(billed at timeof Publish)
 N/A  $150/Listing  $150/listing  $150/listing  $150/listing

As always, there are no lock in contracts and you can cancel your subscription at any time. Times when you have no live listings, you are not charged any monthly subscription fee.

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The traditional real estate agency model is flawed and unsustainable. There are 35,000 real estate agencies across Australia. Each agency is hoem to an average of 2 agents. Each agent sells an average of 6 properties per year.

Yet almost every agency carries the costs of a retail office lease, expensive fit out, staff salaries, work cars, subscriptions etc. To pay for all these things, the agency principal takes a significant cut of your commissions. So to live your life, you must push your commission amount up. On the flip side, your clients are requesting that commission amounts go down. This pressure leads to desperation and deception in real estate. There is a better way.

Here’s the truth - your clients do not care about the office, the fit out, the car etc. Your clients want the best possible sale outcome in the fastest possible time. They want your expertise and your service, and that’s it.

With a business Powered By Airlisting you can easily manage 30 or more live listings at once. And with none of those major overheads. Powered By Airlisting enables a new, brighter, smarter future for Agents and their clients.

Airlisting went live 1 year ago. Our sellers’ properties on average have been selling agentlessly, in half the time of the average sale and for significantly less discounting. The reason for this is our processes, team and technologies. We want to help the biggest possible number of people sell their homes for exceptional outcomes. Selling agentlessly is not for everyone. But selling with integrity, for the best price and in the fastest time IS for everyone. We want to help you help more sellers.

“Think of Airlisting as YOUR back-end team. We are here for YOU so you can be there for your sellers.”


Powered By Airlisting is here to help you run a hugely successful, and long term sustainable business.







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