An innovative low cost approach set to transform how Residential Projects are Marketed and Sold


Having grown up in a family that built software for some of Australia’s leading builders, Veronica began her real estate career 5 years ago as a Residential marketing manager. She quickly realised the traditional approach to Residential Project Marketing could be made more efficient and deliver better outcomes for both Property Developers and the purchasers.


I could see that by combining streamlined efficient business process with world class digital marketing, and leveraging the already exceptional sales platforms of and, we could greatly help Property Developers to increase their sales rates and dramatically lower their total cost of sales

said Veronica Royal Airlisting Co-Founder.


Veronica went on to say “what Airlisting has developed is transformational and is 100% what the industry has been wanting and waiting for.”

Airlisting’s low cost sales solution is completely turn key, provides an exclusive direct channel to market, is fully transparent and is based upon detailed weekly reporting.

One of the things I am most proud of is our unique white label approach which is designed to build our clients’ and projects’ reputation and enduring brand value as the absolute focus, not Airlisting’s brand. In every way, we are our clients’ virtual sales department.


Any experienced Property Developer will tell you how critically important it is to develop the capability to successfully manage the sales and marketing risks of any project.

Unfortunately, most small to medium sized Property Developers lack the scale of larger property developers and can’t afford to develop and employ this capability internally and compete on the same level.

We are extremely excited about the results we have been able to achieve for our Property Developer clients to date. As far as I am aware we are the only full turn key white label sales solution which is delivering sales for only $4,900 plus GST as a fixed low fee payable only upon settlement plus vendor paid digital marketing which is averaging $1,500 per sale.



Airlisting’s first project marketing engagement was the Aspire Chermside apartment building, consisting of 35 one, two and three bedroom apartments located at Chermside QLD.

Upon completion all 63 residences were unsold. After several months of marketing and achieving less than one sale per month, the developers brought on Airlisting. Airlisting developed a refreshed advertising and marketing campaign utilising best practice digital marketing and sales approaches.

Soon after Airlisting launched its targeted, persona-driven digital marketing campaign, Aspire Chermside’s “REA” Project Profile page went from being lowly ranked to the second most viewed Project on REA within QLD.

Airlisting sales consultants were quickly being overrun at the weekly Saturday and Sunday open inspections, EOI’s, contracts and settlements turned around resulting in five settled sales per month.

“We were looking for an innovative low cost sales solution capable of generating more leads and sales than the traditional channel sales model which wasn’t working for us. Soon after Airlisting relaunched our project, and ever since, they have achieved great sales results for us at a low cost.

The Airlisting team keep us fully informed at all times through their weekly sales reports and our weekly sales meetings with them”, said Scott Clements, Developer, Aspire Chermside.

As a busy Property Developer and business owner it has been a blessing to have a trusted team who manage everything for us from strategy, content and ad creation, digital marketing and lead generation, our REA page, all sales enquiries, our social media accounts, open and private inspections, nurturing of leads, negotiation of sales contracts and co-ordination of buyers to settlement

,said Scott.

To find out more how the Airlisting team can help you increase your sales rate and reduce your selling costs for as low as $5,500 per sale please click here.