How to self-manage your Open Homes for best results

You’ve mastered it so far… Valuation came in great, photography looks amazing, For Sale sign is up, your listing was sent to and with ease. But now it’s time to run inspections and your first Open Home and you’re freaking out. Well, don’t worry. It’s very easy with Airlisting. Either push that button and ask us to do it for you, or read on for our tips on self-managing your Open Homes and private inspections.

[For how Open Homes and Private Inspections work if you engage an Airlisting Real Estate Guide to run them for you, click here. And for tips to PREPARE your home for and Open Home, rather than how to RUN your Open Home, click here.]


Self-managing Open Homes and Private InspectionsOpen Home


1. Consider asking someone else to run it

We do recommend not running your group open homes yourself if it can be avoided. Engaging an Airlisting Real Estate Guide to do it or asking a friend or relative with a pleasant disposition to do it is usually preferable. This is because a buyer needs to be completely comfortable when inspecting your property in order to get an excellent first impression. They need to be comfortable to look for issues, look inside cupboards, tap on walls, flick light switches on and off and eventually get a point where they begin to imagine themselves and their family living in your house. Having the current owner of the house present can sometimes make buyers uncomfortable and our market research found that it is extremely likely to also shorten the inspection time. If you do have to run your own open homes, do all you can to give potential buyers as much space as possible to look through your house comfortably.


2. Be ready 15 minutes early

15 minutes prior to the open home or inspection time, have the house completely ready, with:

- some soft music playing (we have an Airlisting Spotify playlist if you want to use that),

- all the lights on,

- all the curtains open

- take out your trash

- hide away hygiene items

- nice towels on towel racks, or none at all

- family photos minimally displayed

- a nice candle burning.

This is also the time you should leave and hand it over to the person running your open homes. Don’t forget to take the dog with you and ensure there are no dog poos in the back yard.


3. Door open & attendees list ready

Whoever is running the open home, let’s call them “the guide”, should have the front door open and be waiting by the door so potential buyers can clearly see that they are now welcome. We recommend only letting registered guests into your property. Your list of registered guests is found in your Airlisting Calendar under the current day’s event. Have the Guide ready with this list printed off or with it up on a computer or phone so they can tick off who attends. This will also give the Guide an easy way to start a comfortable conversation with entering parties and is important in keeping your house secure. If someone shows up who is unregistered, it is strongly suggested they be told to find your home on, and book in for the current open home before they are allowed to enter.Airlisting real estate guide


4. Ensure your shoes-off / shoes-on preference is obvious

If you want potential buyers to take their shoes off, have a clearly signed or obvious place for shoes and have the Guide be shoe-less as well. If you are unphased by shoes, we suggest letting your potential buyers leave theirs on.


5. Make attendees welcome and give them space

As potential buyers enter, have the Guide tell them that they are free to have a good look around and where he or she will be if they have any questions at all. Our suggestion is for the Guide to stay somewhere near the front door but in a space open enough to have a conversation. This way no one can go in or out without being noticed and there is also a comfortable space for potential buyers to ask questions and chat about the property.


6. Ask for feedback before attendees leave

As potential buyers begin to leave the property, we suggest that the Guide ask them what they thought about the property. This may or may not spark a conversation in which the potential buyers can be gauged in terms of their likeliness to make an offer. Any information that can be relayed back to the seller will be helpful to remember. 


7. Don’t lock any guests in

Ensure all potential buyers have left the property before locking up. And don’t forget to blow out any burning candles.


And that’s it.


All Open Home and private inspection attendees will be emailed for feedback on the home. Feedback results will be available to you on Airlisting under your listing.