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It's pretty hard to trust what someone is telling you when you know they're set to earn $15,000+ if they convince you to buy. Plus, if the property's valuation doesn't stack up after you've gone to contract, the bank won't lend what you need anyway.

When it comes to property, knowing you're buying something that is backed by an independent valuation gives you the peace of mind you deserve.
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How it works

Step 1: Save your search + be notified - Airlisting listings are backed by independent valuations, contain huge amounts of information, can be searched using details and metrics most other sites do not offer and can see both sellers and buyers win financially as no agent commissions are paid. For these reasons you might choose to save a detailed property search on Airlisting of the exact type of property you’re looking for and then our team can start to look for properties that match your criteria. We’ll notify you the second that a property matching your description lists on Airlisting.

OR Step 1: Find Airlisting properties on a major listing site - Most Airlisting properties are advertised on and If you have found an Airlisting property you’re interested in on one of these sites, send an enquiry and you will be directed to the property’s listing on Here you can find more information, book an inspection or make an offer.

Step 2: Book an inspection - Book into an upcoming Open Home or book a private inspection at a time that suits you.

Step 3: Make an offer - Offers can be made 24/7 by hitting "make an offer" on the property's listing. All the standard terms and conditions are there, plus common special conditions. All listings also have a draft contract you can download and review. Once you submit your offer, the seller will be able to "accept", "decline" or "counter" it. If your offer is declined, you will be notified. If countered, you will receive the offer back with the seller's requested changes for your actioning.

Step 4: Come to an agreement - If your offer is accepted, a copy will be sent to all registered buying and selling parties plus your conveyancing lawyer. The seller's conveyancing lawyer will be instructed to immediately action the agreement and a formal contract will soon be to you and your lawyer for signing. 

Step 5: Under contract, unconditional, sold & settled - Once the formal contract is signed, your property purchase is under contract. If either you or the seller opted to use Airlisting’s suggested conveyancing providers, you will receive live updates of the progress towards settlement. Step 6: Move in + celebrate

Buying through Airlisting vs buying through an Agent comparison

  Airlisting Traditional Agent
Pricing confidence Most Airlisting properties have undergone an independent, formal, pre-sale valuation. You can see if list price is informed by valuation price by whether a green tick appears next to the list price. The seller's nominated sell range will clearly communicate their price expectations so you can make informed offers.  You're expected to trust what you're being told from the person set to be paid tens of thousands if they convince you to buy.
Valuation confidence Airlisting buyers can worry less about the valuation aspect of achieving finance. It is not uncommon for finance to be unachievable due to the price offered for a property.
Drive the property you want to the market By saving searches of exactly what you're looking for in a property, you drive supply of that type of property. You'll also be notified as soon as a property that matches your search criteria lists. There are 65,000 real estate agents in Australia with limited information sharing between them. It is very difficult for a selling agent to find you the exact listing you're after.
No need to give out your details to attend inspections If you register for the Airlisting Open Homes and inspections online. Your details are kept private and will only be given to the seller if a sale agreement is reached via anonymous negotiation online. Entering an agent-run Open Home means you have to hand over your email and phone number, which you know goes straight onto a marketing list.
Offers in your own time and with a draft contract Make offers 24/7. All Airlisting listings have a draft contract which you can download. Offers must be made with the real estate agent.
Negotiations you can trust Offer, counter, decline or accept and know that you are talking to the person responsible for the listing. ...
Updates towards settlement Most Airlisting property purchases will see all parties to the transaction able to see when the listing goes under contract, unconditional and settled in real-time. Rely on the seller's agent and conveyancer to let your conveyancer know what's happening.

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