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Buying New is the right choice for many people. With $25,000 in government stimulus, $15,000 more for first home buyers and other incentives available - if there was ever the perfect time to build your house, it is right now.

That being said, when buying new there are many potential traps. For this reason, Airlisting is excited to bring our core values of integrity, transparency and efficiency to New Homes.

We are connecting Buyers to Australia’s top Builders and Developers in a direct way. Every new home purchased through Airlisting is:

1. Wholesale (direct from the builder/developer without mark-ups)
2. Full turn-key (from driveways to landscaping to blinds and more. Everything you need to move right in).
3. Include $20,000 in upgrades (rather than a sales commission, we give back to our clients with ducted air conditioning, solar, heightened ceilings and more)

Do not miss out on every dollar available and this once in a lifetime chance to secure your new home on such incredible terms.

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Airlisting makes the process of buying a new home SAFER and SIMPLER, while SAVING YOU MONEY.


It’s a no brainer. You would be crazy to buy a new home the old way. Airlisting is your one stop. From:

  • ✔ Finding your perfect high quality home at the lowest price, to
  • ✔ connecting you to independent finance and legal advice, and
  • ✔ supporting you every step of the way Airlisting is here to take great care and empower you.



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How do you SAVE MONEY with Airlisting’s New Homes?


The answer is simple. In the purchasing of any real estate, commissions or payments are made from the seller of that property to the person or company that finds the buyer. If you purchase a New Home through a traditional route, that payment (which is generally around 6-10% of the value of the property you are purchasing) goes from the developer and builder direct to the person who sold you on the property (i.e. the agent or salesman or “investment advisor” gets paid). With Airlisting, we pay to majority to YOU.

So - on top of already finding the best builders and developers (i.e. ones who will deliver the best product and stick around for decades more to come), the lowest wholesale prices and being there with you every step of the way; we are also giving you the majority of the seller’s payment. This enables you to go down 1 of two unprecedented paths:

  1. 1. $20,000* average cashback
  2. 2. No deposit* (available for first home buyers only)

We believe in full transparency and fully disclose all commission payments or marketing fees Airlisting receives from our approved panel of Builders and Developers. We then pass on a minimum of 50% (and an average of 66%) of all commission and fees paid to us TO YOU…..it is as simple as that.

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How does Airlisting make buying a new home SIMPLER?

Airlisting is dedicated to helping you buy a New Home in a safe, well managed way, making the process more streamlined and enjoyable.

Our New Homes process:

  • ✔ Finds your perfect New Home from Australia’s most trusted Builders and Developers
  • ✔ Gets you the best independent financing advice
  • ✔ Gets the right independent legal advice
  • ✔ Sees you achieve the lowest possible price
  • ✔ At the highest possible level of quality
  • ✔ With the lowest possible level of risk
  • ✔ Support you every step of the way

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How does Airlisting make buying a new home SAFER?


Buying a New Home requires you to successfully navigate your way through and around several common pitfalls that can dramatically affect the quality of home you end up with AND how the asset performs for you in the long term. For example:

  • Buying from a poor-quality builder or developer will mean you buy a poor-quality Home
  • Buying from a builder or developer than goes Bankrupt before your new home is completed
  • Contracting to purchase unregistered land or off the plan Apartments
  • Buying a home that is not turnkey especially, if you are a first home buyer
  • Paying too much for a New Home because of high sales commissions paid to agents
  • Reduced quality of a New Home because of high sales commission paid to agents
  • Increased and unexpected costs associated with variations to your construction contract
  • Stress associated with knowing what you can afford and obtaining a finance approval

We understand all of the above pitfalls and ensures that you fall into NONE of them.

The Airlisting way is the ONLY way anyone should be buying a New Home.



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