About Airlisting

What is Airlisting?

Airlisting is a real estate platform that makes self-managing the sale of your home easier, cheaper and more streamlined than ever before.

  • There are no lock in contracts,
  • $0 required upfront,
  • Online offers and negotiations,
  • Independent property valuations,
  • Every top supplier available at the click of a button,
  • Inspection management services,
  • Complimentary management of all enquiries and only $2,900 inc GST due at a successful settlement.

It’s so simple, transparent and effective that we’ve made it so Airlisting doesn’t make a cent until our sellers successfully sell.

What is AirOffer?

AirOffer provides a way to purchase any agent-listing QLD real estate and receive 50% of the selling agent's commission as cash back.

  • It costs nothing to submit your AirOffer and negotiate online,
  • Remain completely anonymous until the formal contract is drawn up,
  • Only $990 inc GST due at your successful purchase (when you've received 50% of the agent's commission).

How is this even possible? It's actually just so simple. Click here to learn more.

Here’s some facts that indicate why a new way of buying and selling real estate is needed…

6 %

the average amount property owners discount their properties for sale from their original list price (CoreLogic, 2018)

$ 6

the approximate amount paid by Australian in agent commissions each year (CoreLogic, 2017)


the average time a property will be listed on the market before it sells (CoreLogic, 2018)


the minimum time it takes for a real estate agent to be qualified to sell your largest asset (REIQ, 2018)


without an agent, using our concierged real estate service for a fraction of the cost.


valuation-backed properties that perfectly meet your search criteria. Or...
any agent-listed QLD real estate and receive cash back.

Buyer agents

apply for access to off-market opportunities that deliver you and our sellers a win-win.


The Airlisting story

Airlisting is a business concept that came about after working in both real estate agency and project marketing. After seeing the incredible inefficiencies in the real estate sales industry, the lack of information sharing, and witnessing the mums, dads, elderly and young people unknowingly fund these inefficiencies; we knew we had to do something. Airlisting is the product of our industry knowledge combined with our software background. We have created an alternative that makes real estate buying and selling fair, transparent and streamlined and we think you’re going to love it.

Airlisting is a real estate platform where buyers and sellers engage directly, but in a managed and private way. Property owners can sell without an agent, using our concierged real estate service for a fraction of the cost. Buyers drive new listings by saving their searches and having sellers know how many buyers are actively looking for a property like theirs. Buyers can buy with confidence knowing that all Airlisting properties have undergone an independent, formal pre-sale valuation.

No real estate agent commissions are charged, so both buyer and seller can achieve a great deal.

What we have built is not an attack on real estate agents. Airlisting is a platform that enables better informed buying and selling and the traditional agent role just isn’t necessary for the process that we have designed.

Director & Co-Founder - V Royal

V (Veronica) has worked in residential and project sales and also holds a real estate license. She is the co-founder of a natural health chain and has a long working and family history in software development. V holds a bachelor degree in business management and marketing from QUT and was previously a performer with Cirque Du Soleil.

V and the Airlisting team are all extremely passionate about helping Australians sell and buy in a way that is streamlined, safe and transparent. It's important for us, for our parents and for our children that we make Australians' favourite investment category one that can be trusted.


Our Team

Matthew Royal
Matthew Royal


Emma aqua background
Emma Riley

Executive Assistant

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Paul Kim

Account Executive

IMG 8343 Facetune 22 01 2019 20 01 01
Sam Holz

Account Executive

Kylie aqua background
Kylie Walker

Lead Airlisting Guide

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Jayson Blake

Support Specialist

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Gian Martin

Support Specialist

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Abby Matthews

Support Specialist

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Aaron Randall

Support Specialist

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Laura Braulins

Social Media

Lance Halzen

Digital Content

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Gabriel Samson

Graphic Designer

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Terry Sinkinsen


final image aqua background 1
Steve Toohey

Investor + Advisor

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Craig Carter

Investor + Advisor

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Craig Chapman


IMG 8673
Shelley Connell

Investor + Advisor

Matthew Royal
Matthew Royal


Matthew has extensive experience in the Property Development, Property Finance and Investment industry. Before Airlisting, Matthew co-founded Development Finance Partners Pty Ltd, which has facilitated loans in excess of $1.5 Billion. Prior to that Matthew was an Associate Director of Property Finance BankWest facilitating mortgage structures of to $100 million. Matthew has participated in the negotiation and consummation of numerous significant transactions involving Property Development Loans, Corporate Loan Notes, Equity Partners, Mezzanine Finance, Joint Venture Partners and Construction Finance Loans.

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Paul Kim

Account Executive

Paul has over 20 years experience in sales and marketing in real estate, co-working  and education. Paul has sold over $100M in Australian residential and commercial property. A keen property investor himself, Paul's passion for real estate and strategic capabilities are an asset to the Airlisting customers Paul works with.  

Paul is a people person who gets true joy from helping others and seeing them achieve their goals. Going above & beyond is Paul's "normal". 

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Steve Toohey

Investor + Advisor

Stephen is a Chartered Accountant and the founding partner of Toohey Reid, Brisbane’s premier advisory firm to successful private businesses and wealthy professionals.

Stephen is sought out by successful private families and wealthy professionals and their legal and finance teams for his commercial acumen, can do attitude and ability to think outside the box.

As well as being the go to advisor for many successful business owners, Stephen has also been a founding partner, investor and advisor to a number of startup businesses, including a recreational vehicle retailer, which grew revenues to $50+ million within three years and a successful Australian sourced fresh food company exporting to Asia wholly via online sales.

Stephen’s commercial acumen differentiates him in the advisory and startup space and all businesses he has commenced and grown have quickly got to top quartile profit numbers whereas many startups these days are only focused on revenue numbers.

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Craig Carter

Investor + Advisor

Craig is a Chartered Accountant and director of Toohey Reid. He has over 25 years’ experience providing strategic advice to large private companies in a range of industries.

Craig specialises in working with family-owned businesses where managing the nuances of the relationships are as important as managing the financial drivers. Craig has worked extensively in both public and private practice, so has a unique insight into the practical and operational issues faced by business owners.

His in-house commercial experience enables him to provide comprehensive advice to his clients that takes this into account.

Make real estate fair, transparent

and streamlined across the world. How?

Make property values known. Enable world-class marketing. Facilitate streamlined contracts. Leave no customer in the dark. Design a no-instruction-needed user experience. 
10x traditional agents’ value.

Always give back.