Airlisting - the best solution for properties taking too long to sell

A solution for properties taking too long to sell updated from Veronica Gravolin on Vimeo

While Airlisting is a great choice for anyone in Australia looking to sell their property, this video specifically talks about how Airlisting can be helpful for property owners whose properties have been on the market a while and are now finding it hard to sell.

This is such an easy position to end up in as a Seller. For example, you may have received multiple offers from your first open home, accepted one, the buyer had finance issues that dragged on and then by the time the contract was cancelled, your property had been on the market 6 weeks and is now an "aged" listing. It's just not fair and it is also not accurate that anything AT ALL is wrong with your property.

So, how does Airlisting assist sellers to achieve a sale when they have already been on the market for some time?:

1. Valuations your buyers can trust:

On Airlisting, you can have an independent valuation form the basis of your listing. This means that an independent professional with a degree, from a national valuations firm stands behind your price; and then both you and your future buyer can trust in it. (want to know the difference between a valuation and an appraisal, click here). An independent valuation also makes the people wondering "if anything is wrong with the property because it has been on the market for too long" know that it is in fact priced properly.

2. No commission means greater negotiation room for you:

If you sell at say $650,000 through an agent who gets a 3% commission, you will end up with $630,500 from the sale ($650,000 minus the $19,500 commission). If you sell for the same $650,000 through Airlisting, you will end up with $647,600 from the sale ($650,000 minus our $2,900 success fee). That's a big difference! Now consider another scenario...

To finish up your sale with $650,000 in your back pocket, your agent has to sell your property for $670,000 ($670,000 - 3% commission = $649,900). To finish up your sale with $650,000 in your back pocket using Airlisting, you have to sell your property for $652,900 ($652,400 - $2,900 success fee = $650,000).

However you choose to use your saved commission by selling through Airlisting, you end up in a much better position.

3. Online offers and negotiations:

Airlisting have the entire offer and negotiation process online and available 24/7. This means buyers can make an offer whenever they like. You as the seller get immediate notification of all offers and both parties are immediately notified of any counter offers or when an offer is accepted. Momentum is key in any transaction, real estate included.

4. A new sale campaign without the cost outlay:

All Airlisting properties receive free standard ads on and When you publish your listing on Airlisting, your property will be on these websites with that fresh “new” sticker on it, ready for buyer enquiry.


There are many more reasons why properties taking longer to sell should give Airlisting a go. Get in contact with us today to find out more, call 1300 919 031.