Airlisting - How To Sell Your Home For The Highest Price And In The Fastest Time

 An introduction to achieving the best result from the sale of your home


It’s the ultimate real estate goal to sell your home for the highest possible price and in the fastest possible time. And, while the task may initially seem overwhelming, it’s completely achievable when you equip yourself with the right knowledge, gain adequate support, back yourself 100-percent, and implement our five simple steps.

On average, Airlisting properties sell twice as fast as the average traditional agent sale and for significantly less discounting. Using the data that we’ve gathered from these sales; we’ve compiled what we know to be the best practice steps to achieve the goal of selling your home for the highest possible price and in the fastest possible time.

Whether you’re using a real estate agent or technology to sell your house yourself on Airlisting or a similar platform, the following five principles apply.



When it comes time to pricing your property, it’s all about understanding the actual value of your real estate in today’s market and choosing a list price that’s appropriate. Your aim should be to have all your active buyers through your property during the first few weeks to create some competition. Listing too high or without a list price are common practices that may jeopardise this plan of attack, so avoid these and if in doubt, investigate the sale prices of comparable properties in your area or seek professional help from registered independent valuers.



Presentation is important for two major aspects of your successful sale. Firstly, the quality of your photography. No one is going to bother attending your open home when the photos on and are of low quality, or just plain terrible. And, secondly, a beautiful presentation of your home creates a positive experience for potential buyers to imagine themselves living there. When buyers can see themselves residing in your home, they’re more likely to express an interest. At the end of the day, the level of detail in your home’s presentation could mean the difference between a buyer making an offer on your property or looking elsewhere.



Despite what the internet or certain professionals will have you believe, there are truly only three things you need in terms of promoting your property. They are:

  1. A listing on
  2. A listing on, and
  3. An excellent ‘For Sale’ sign

The reason for having only these three things is that 90% of all buyers find the home they end up buying on one of these two platforms; so, there’s your market covered. Then, there is still a decent portion of the buying market who will find your property via street signage. That’s because people like to buy and sell in the area that they like to live in, and they also encourage their friends and family to move into those areas, too.



On average, active buyers have been searching the market for 15 months. If your home hits the market, meets their search criteria, and they’re interested in inspecting; chances are these buyers are red-hot ready to purchase. Do everything within your power to enable them a viewing of your home as soon as possible. Remember to answer buyer queries efficiently and host buyers through efficiently if you want to sell efficiently (and at the best possible price).


Negotiation and communication to settlement

To complete the sales process with a successful settlement, buyers need to feel comfortable when making an offer; either through a fully supported platform like Airlisting or an agent, but NOT directly to a seller as this may put buyers off. Whatever route is taken, ensure the process for both, buyer and seller, is streamlined with a prioritisation of momentum and efficient communication as terms are met and actions are fulfilled, either through reputable lawyers, an agent, or both.

There you have our five most important steps to implement when aiming to sell your home for the highest possible price and in the fastest possible time. Stay tuned as we delve further into these topics over the coming weeks with fact-based insight to help guide you through a successful real estate campaign.

Whether you’re selling with an agent or using technology to sell your home yourself through Airlisting or a similar platform, staying informed enables you the power to achieve a great outcome. Sign up to the Airlisting mailing list or follow us on our social platforms for more information, including our next feature; How To Sell Your Home For The Highest Price And In The Fastest Amount Of Time – Pricing.