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Airlisting is passionate about making real estate more transparent, streamlined and just BETTER for all buyers, sellers and property developers.


Airlisting enables property developers to sell directly to their buyers – you. Why is this important for you?
Sometimes “new” properties, from property developers can have bad reputations, however not all new homes are created equally. So we have decided that Airlisting is going to educate new home buyers about what to look for, what to look out for and we will put our Airlisting shield of approval on projects that meet our very strict criteria.



Dont fund an agent’s commission from your savings

If you do not buy through Airlisting, you may be paying up to $50,000 too much for your home. That is the cost a real estate agent often charges a developer to sell, and that cost is funded from your money. Property developers with integrity would prefer to pass saving back to you in the form of lower pricing and better product.


Avoid valuation risk and losing your deposit

Also, if you buy off-the-plan, put down your deposit, and then the property does not achieve the correct valuation; you will have to either fund the shortfall OR lose your deposit. The difference between the purchase price and the valuation price is often the amount that has been paid as agent commissions. So basically, you’re having to pay tens of thousands of dollars to fund the exorbitant agent’s commission.


Buying a first home – timing, location and price are everything

By using Airlisting, you can be safe in the knowledge that: 1. you are buying direct from the developer, 2. you are buying at a price that is backed by independent valuation, and 3. you are buying in a rising market – the right combination for a well performing financial asset that just happens to be your dream home.


Buy safe. Buy smart. Buy an Airlisting, valuation-backed home.


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What is needed for a “new home” to get Airlisting’s tick of approval?


API Certified v3

Valuation Backed

List prices are backed by a valuation completed by an API registered property valuer


Clock arrow around v3

Rising Market

The project is in a market that is set to be on the rise (as opposed to on the decline) according to the property clock.


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Reputable Developer

The property developer has a proven track record of delivering high quality homes to their buyers.



These are the factors we believe are important in ensuring a good quality purchase that will perform well for you over time.

Buying new can have many benefits - long warranties, the latest in best-practice construction, exceptional design, proximity to key amenity, high tenant appeal, government grant opportunities for first home buyers and more. However, as with all real estate, when buying new it is important to buy well. At Airlisting, we only stand behind new homes that meet all our criteria.



Current Airlisting Approved Projects


Looking for all the benefits of a new home but want to avoid all the problems that can come with buying new? Buy your next new home in an Airlisting-approved project.




51 Latham Street, Chermside QLD 4032

The unique exterior of Aspire combines modern design with timeless style and a maximisation of balcony space and sunlight. Carefully crafted and exceptionally finished, the seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces in the Aspire residences is ideal for our spectacular Brisbane lifestyle.



61 Latham in out JEPG 23 28 v3

Coming Soon...

Stand-alone homes in Brisbane QLD

3 and 4 bedroom standalone homes, valuation-backed pricing.



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